Becoming Invertebrate, 2023

Becoming Invertebrate, 2023-24

Stuffed nylons, synthetic fur, yarn, thread; 6' x 2' x 1' dimensions variable

Photo of sculpture Fermentation Rig by Luther Thie

Fermentation Rig, 2023

A soft sculpture with a somewhat haphazard vibe to it, perhaps made from discarded materials. Hanging threads from hand stitches contrast the machined pantyhose sheerness. Balloons have been forced through the hosiery causing runs that have a pathetic yet hopeful “making-do” quality. The beans form hanging sacs that pull down. The sacs are covered in epoxy that has dripped into congealed tips. All this was done spontaneously working through how the materials spoke to me and behaved when manipulated. Only later did I invent this story of an apparatus for protein synthesis via fermentation that led to the name of this piece.

Photo of Microbiome installation by Luther Thie

Bedtime Stories, 2024

Pantyhose, PVC inflatable balls, stuffing, yarn, silicon nipples, yarn, thread, synthetic fur. Installation dimensions variable. 2023-24

Attendant 2, 2023

Attendant, 2023

A spider-like form was created by stretching pantyhose over balloons and adding synthetic fur. Simple yet elegant, the soft sculpture’s curves and transparent mesh create a sensuous wildness, possibly of an android nature. It could be a trained attendant, keeping watch over a laboratory environment. For this proposal, it is intended to hang above the viewer on the ceiling and walls. Its legs can be stretched to fit various spaces depending on site. 6' x 7' x 7' approximately

Sexy Beast, 2023

Are You My Mommy, 2023

Bold, empowered, unafraid, a soft sculpture juts from the wall, reaching out with its fur-tipped breast-like appendages. Evoking sensuality along its elegant curves, it coyly hides nipples created from twisted pantyhose. The crotch of the pantyhose stands out, calling attention to an anthro beginning whereas its shroud of hair brings to mind something else, something wild.

photo of artwork "Is it Over Yet?" 2019, ink on drumhead, by Luther Thie

Drumhead Paintings, 2019

Series of ink drop paintings on drum heads.

LA Interchange, 2010

LA Interchange: a Proposal for a California Highway Victims Memorial Park is a site-specific public art project that proposes a real-time memorial at the intersection of downtown Los Angeles freeways.

Tilted Pole, 2008

Tilted Pole, 2008

Tilted Pole, 2008; installation at Art Engine, San Francisco, CA; telephone pole, wire, conduit, glass insulators, approx. 35' x 18' x 12'


Acclair is a design research collaboration between Eyal Fried & Luther Thie, who met at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy. Acclair has been developing “neuro-aware” environments since 2004, its first iteration being a speculative design installation using a fake brain-scanning prop to convince users their brains were being scanned while going through a highly invasive airport security clearance.