Category : Sculpture

25 Sep 2013
08 Oct 2012

Ass Magic, 2001

Used couch foam, 60″ x 27″ x 6″.

16 Sep 2012

Lack, 1996

Stuffed fabric, marker, 36 ” x 5″ x 3.5″.

24 Feb 2012
07 Feb 2012
Tilted Pole, 2008

Tilted Pole, 2008

Tilted Pole is a re-situation of a 37’ long power pole extending from a wall horizontally into the gallery space. The work consists of the pole and insulators, transformer (with sound), hardware and wires. The tilt of the work is achieved by using a wall as the fulcrum, the pole extending 30’ into the space. Many thanks to Dan Tiffany for engineering the installation. The pole itself was salvaged near the Southern Pacific rail yards in Oakland, CA. Most of […]