Tag : racial bias

13 Feb 2012

Acclair: Design Research Case Study

Acclair is a hybrid design research and art project in collaboration with Eyal Fried. We started this project at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy in 2004 with an exploration of a VIP service for airport security clearance using “brain fingerprinting” to screen for known terrorists or other criminals. Acclair couples a market research component simultaneously with the security clearance check. The project revolves around the corporation Acclair. Acclair is an independent research consultancy exploring the augmentation of everyday life […]

07 Feb 2012

100 People 10 Questions, 2009

“100 People 10 Questions” is a randomized slideshow that couples images of 100 people with 10 questions for a total of 1000 “stimuli.” These stimuli have been coupled with biometrics testing in both my Naos and Acclair projects, but the project is also available as a stand-alone work.