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08 Jun 2019

Acclair Art Valuation Service

Acclair is a design research collaboration between Eyal Fried & Luther Thie, who met at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy. Acclair has been developing “neuro-aware” environments since 2004, its first iteration being a speculative design installation using a fake brain-scanning prop to convince users their brains were being scanned while going through a highly invasive airport security clearance. As technology improved and EEG systems started to become available on the consumer market, Acclair adopted the Neurosky system and created its first […]

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26 Mar 2012
LA Interchange, 1960s Caltrans Aerial photo C1363-1, used with permission

LA Interchange Essays, 2010

George Bataille on the LA Freeway: The Public Art Work of Luther Thie By Frederick Young What immediately strikes one about Luther Thie’s LA Interchange is the scope and magnitude of the project, a real-time memorial to automobile crash victims sited right at the heart of America’s freeway system. Thie’s proposed public artwork invokes the ghosts of numerous important critical theorists of the 20th and 21st centuries, most notably Bataille and his concept of sacrifice, and presents a way to […]

07 Feb 2012
Svetlana 20

Svetlana & Jim, 2009

Series of ink jet prints made from found negatives (Harlem, NY, Winter 2000)