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02 Sep 2019
08 Jun 2019

Acclair Art Valuation Service

Acclair is a design research collaboration between Eyal Fried & Luther Thie, who met at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy. Acclair has been developing “neuro-aware” environments since 2004, its first iteration being a speculative design installation using a fake brain-scanning prop to convince users their brains were being scanned while going through a highly invasive airport security clearance. As technology improved and EEG systems started to become available on the consumer market, Acclair adopted the Neurosky system and created its first […]

17 Nov 2013
29 Sep 2013
25 Sep 2013
13 Mar 2012
The Count, 2011

The Count, 2011

Fabric, stuffing, felt, wood, 24″ x 19″ x 11″. Sock puppet installation at Chapel of the Chimes for the Ever After show curated by Off-Space.

24 Feb 2012
13 Feb 2012

Acclair: Design Research Case Study

Acclair is a hybrid design research and art project in collaboration with Eyal Fried. We started this project at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy in 2004 with an exploration of a VIP service for airport security clearance using “brain fingerprinting” to screen for known terrorists or other criminals. Acclair couples a market research component simultaneously with the security clearance check. For more information on the airport security clearance phase of the project, please visit the first website. The project […]

09 Feb 2012

Noogie, 2008

Charcoal on paper, 59″ x 83″. Accompanying video loop 56 seconds. More drawings and video from this series.

07 Feb 2012

LA Interchange, 2010

LA Interchange: a Proposal for a California Highway Victims Memorial Park is a site-specific public art project that proposes a real-time memorial at the intersection of downtown Los Angeles freeways. Set in a renewed urban park at the intersection of the Harbor (110) and Santa Monica (10) freeways in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the LA Interchange memorial takes the form of an illuminated water fountain that uses real-time accident data from the California Highway Patrol Incident Report website […]